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High quality machinery, equipment description for machinery manufacturers selling online
Increasingly buyers are using the internet to find suppliers for equipment and machinery. A website with high quality, well written content, will greatly increase the conversion rate for any machinery or equipment website. Kindly note that the domain investor is a trained and experienced engineer, who is unable to get any paid work in India, due to the indian government identity theft attempt on her since 2010, and also cannot get any help in india, because of the worsening status of educated women in India.
Detailed product, equipment and machinery description, specifications written for all kinds of machinery for machinery manufacturers who require content for their website, or marketing the website or products. The description will be easy to understand, manually written. Can also write product manuals, technical guidelines and specifications for purchase

Have written description for the following machineries in 2019:
Waste sorting machine
Paper pulp molding machine
Tyre pyrolysis machine
Biomass carbonization machine
Rubber recycling machine
Food processing machinery
Animal feed machinery
Animal feed pellet machine

These descriptions were written for some of the Beston machinery, for their various websites through Iwriter (user account nichea), since raw/cbi/ntro employees are ROBBING all the correspondence of the domain investor, writer, as part of the identity theft racket on the domain investor since 2010, wasting Rs 40 crore of indian tax payer money. This makes it very difficult for the domain investor, writer get any direct orders
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